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What to know about Silver Mercury.

Silver mercury Online. Its one of the rarest forms of mercury. It is a silver-colored liquid that is very poisonous. This mercury is mainly used in scientific research and in the production of various mercury compounds. It has a high melting point, so it can be used to make thermometers and other laboratory equipment. Mercury is a heavy metal that is liquid at room temperature, and Silver mercury is not much different. This mercury burns when it comes in contact with air or water, and produces poisonous fumes of mercury. This mercury is poisonous because it quickly enters the body by inhalation and can pass through skin cells. Silver mercury compounds are an eye and respiratory irritant in humans.

Selling per Flask (34.5kg)
  • Firstly, 99% Minimum Purity
  • Secondly, Used in the processing of Gold
  • Thirdly, Quality Assured Lab Tested
Firstly, Virgin Mercury purity = 99.99% by wt min. Firstly, Product name: Silver liquid mercury
Secondly, Other Names: fast, hydrargyrum, hydrargyri Secondly, Cas No.:7439-97-6
Thirdly, EINECS: 231-106-7 Thirdly, MF: Hg
Fourthly, Free from heavy metal Fourthly, Physical State: Liquid
Furthermore, Appearance: silver Furthermore, Odor: odorless
In Addition, PH: Not available Vapor Pressure: 0.002 mm Hg 25C
Also, Vapor Density: 7.0 Evaporation Rate: Not available
Viscosity: 15.5 mP 25 dig C Boiling Point: 356.72 dig C
Freezing/Melting Point: -38.87 dig C Decomposition Temperature: Not available.
In Conclusion, Solubility: Insoluble. Specific Gravity/Density: 13.59 (water=1)
Molecular Formula: Hg Molecular Weight: 200.59
Packaging: 34.5kg bottle flask in Wooden Box


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Firstly, Mercury, which usually appears as a thick silvery fluid, is the only metal that’s liquid at room temperature. Its elemental symbol is Hg. Which comes from the Greek word “hydrargyrum,” meaning “liquid” In fact, it’s also called quicksilver. silver mercury price per kg – Buy Silver Liquid Mercury Online

Secondly, Indspec Chemical is a highly professional and dynamic company with experience in Liquid Mercury. Buy Silver Liquid Mercury Online

Thirdly, We are engaged in providing Virgin Liquid Mercury to cater to the requirements of our customers on regular basis. Liquid Mercury is an integral part of the extraction process to extract gold from the ore.

Fourthly, This is a casual economy that essentially serves the imperative part of supporting country advancement in creating and building rural nations.

Also, To meet the growing demand for Liquid Mercury. We instill trust and build long working relationships with multiple gold mines in various countries.

Furthermore, We are back by an experienced and highly motivated workforce. With ample experience in the non-ferrous metal, metal salts, and chemical industry.


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