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Gorilla Glue online has quickly become a favorite among customers looking for a powerful and consistent high. This 50/50 cross-bred strain first appeared in the cannabis industry in the late spring of 2016. it quickly became a hit for GG Strains. Gorilla Glue is made up of Chem’s Sister and Chocolate Diesel. Also, it has a strong yet pleasing scent that hits you right in the face.
This incredibly strong and flavorful Indica, which was previously solely available in the United States, provides not only amazing relaxation but also a joyful and uplifting impact. Gorilla Glue’s out-of-this-world power makes her a fantastic strain for treating chronic pain and other health issues.

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It is available to your houses, whether you are in China, Europe, or the United Kingdom, thanks to its international shipping duties. England and Russia are two countries that share a border. You can now purchase gorilla glue strains from any place on the internet.
Gorilla Glue turned out to be absolutely incredible. Her THC levels range from 24-26 percent, with some phenos reaching 30 percent, making her one of the most potent Indicas available.

The name of the strain comes from its origins.

According to cannabis legend, the breeders named the strain Gorilla Glue because of the strain’s insane resin production.  which caused the guys to attach to everything after handling the newly formed strain. However, her name might also be used to characterize GG’s incredibly strong high, which can “glue” you to your couch. Although her effect isn’t simply for relaxation, it’s fantastic. Her THC level ranges from 24 to 26 percent, with some of her phenos containing as high as 30 percent. Gorilla Glue is a highly strong but nonetheless well-balanced smoke.

Her calming impact is ideal for stress relief or as a soothing smoke before bed. But her smoking won’t just make you feel good at night; it’ll also make you feel cheerful and uplifted during the day. Because of her potency, Gorilla Glue has become a popular strain among medical users looking for a strong plant to help with pain relief, depression, insomnia, and a variety of other ailments.

Gorilla Glue’s flavor combines earthy and sweet aromas with touches of lemon and woody pine for a delicious smoke that complements her powerful effect.

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